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  1. girlfrand

    Announcement Welcome to the New Forums

    Hello everyone, First of, wow. It has definitely been a while. We have been working long and hard for everyone to ensure you all receive the best Factions experience possible. We have taken the time to not only add new perks for each rank, but also give both our Forums & our Store a complete...
  2. girlfrand

    Approved Staff appliciation

    Hello asbaktafel, First off, wow. I am absolutely shocked. You put so much effort into this application and I am so thankful. As for this application, it has absolutely everything I've ever wanted to see. You went into detail about everything and it's so well-worded. I would like to speak...
  3. girlfrand

    Important MysticMC Official Server Rules

    General Rules These are the General Rules of MysticMC. All the rules listed here apply to all MysticMC servers and even our hubs and other platforms (eventually). Some rules might not be specific to one gamemode and if there is more to them, it will be addressed in the gamemode specific rules...
  4. girlfrand

    Important MysticMC Official Faction Rules

    Hello, Here is the brand new, updated, MysticMC Faction Rules. Official Factions Rules Document. (click me!) These rules will come in affect after grace period of Map 1. (November 19th) If you have any questions, please let me know.
  5. girlfrand

    Approved coolfunny122 - USA

    Hello, All I can say is... wow. Probably one of the most detailed applications that I have read so far. I appreciate you putting detail into your application and giving me an in depth of what you truly believe being a staff member is. Here at MysticMC, we are always striving to hire staff...
  6. girlfrand

    Approved Staff Application SellingOJ USA

    Hello, I am proud to say that you have been accepted onto the MysticMC staff team. Please read discord for more information. Thanks, girlfrand
  7. girlfrand

    Approved Staff Application SellingOJ USA

    Hello, First off, as always- I want to say thank you for evening considering to apply on MysticMC. The fact that you want to help the server is absolutely incredible and I really thank you for dedicating your time on making an application. As for your application, I am also very happy to see...
  8. girlfrand

    Rejected Staff application [SHIFTENABLED]

    Good evening SHIFTENABLED, First of all, thank you for applying on MysticMC. This makes me feel so great that you choose to apply for us. I am denying this application for the soul fact that there is almost no detail. I am very happy that you could dedicate 15-30 hours a week, as Karl and I...
  9. girlfrand

    Approved Axetho - USA

    This application has been accepted. Thank you so much for applying! Please check Discord for more information. Thanks again!
  10. girlfrand

    Approved Axetho - USA

    Good afternoon Axetho, First off, I want to thank you for applying for staff on MysticMC. I am so thankful that you have noticed myself and Karls dedication into hopefully making this server extremely popular one day. Your application was very put together. I love getting to learn that you are...
  11. girlfrand

    Rejected Tlg2011 Canada

    Hello TLG2011, First off, I want to thank you for applying on MysticMC. It makes me very happy knowing that you are willing to dedicate time into the server- so thank you! As for your application: - I absolutely LOVE the fact that you want to keep small new servers up and going because of your...
  12. girlfrand

    Rejected Staff app

    Good afternoon totem, First off I would like to say thank you very much for taking the time to apply on MysticMC. It makes me very happy knowing that you are willing to dedicate time to monitor the server whenever need be- it's very appreciated. Unfortunately, I am going to have to deny this...
  13. girlfrand

    Rejected TheSpeedyTurtle USA

    Good afternoon TheSpeedyTurtle, First off, I want to thank you on applying for staff on MysticMC. It is an absolute honor that you want to join a server that's main priority is ensuring that players receive a great experience on our network. Unfortunately, I am going to have to deny this...
  14. girlfrand

    Important Staff Application Format

    First of all, let's talk about what is NOT required: You do not need a rank on our server. Some servers are silly enough to require Helpers to purchase a rank in order to keep their staff ranks. Here at MysticMC, that is not the case. Here's what is required: Generally, you should be mature...
  15. girlfrand

    Important MysticMC Staff Team

    Hello all! With helper applications having been open, I thought it would be a good idea to publicly release the list of staff ranks (and staff subteams), along with their duties on the staff team. This document will be updated as necessary when any changes are made! MysticMC Team - The...