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Hello How are you guys today Hope you are doing well if your reading this Thanks for Reading this!
IGN (In Game Name): My In game name is 1q8_ But you can call me BigQ or anything else that you like :)
Age: I'm 17 years old not to old But won't let you down
Time zone: I'm Eastern standard time / North American
Do you have a good quality mic?: Yes I am a bit quit so you do have to turn me up but other then that Its good
Do you have Telegram and Discord?: I don't have telegram but I do have discord my discord is 1q8_#0001
How many hours can you put in the server per week:

Monday: 2pm-12am
Tuesday: 2pm-12am
Wednesday: 2pm-12am
Thursday: 2pm-12am
Friday: 2pm-12am
Saturday: 9am-11pm
Sunday: 9am-11pm
Any previous punishments on MysticMC?: Nope
Any past experiences in being a staff member?: Yes I was Sr.mod On ExoticMc Then i left for a bit then went to a server called Severed and was Sr.mod and worked my way up to Admin Then Left severed to go to ExoticMc As a manager
Why do you want to become staff?: I enjoy staffing and want a server that i can upload admin content and have fun on and I think your server will be the best for that.
Additional Information:
Thanks for reading my app and Hope to see you on the staff team I really do love staffing and really enjoy playing on servers just like yours Hope I can see you soon as a staff
Not open for further replies.