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IGN (In Game Name):




GMT +1

Do you have a good quality mic?:


Do you have Telegram and Discord?:


How many hours can you put in the server per week:

I can spend at least 30 hours on the server every week depends on week to week.

Any previous punishments on MysticMC?:


Any past experiences in being a staff member?:

Jartexnetwork (2500ppl) Builder/Trial/Youtube (600ppl) Admin
Ickcraft (150ppl) Moderator
VerixPvP (400ppl) Moderator
Traancraft (40ppl) Admin

Why do you want to become staff?:

For me it is fun to work on a server that is not yet extremely large but has the potential to become definitely large and possibly on multiple game modes. I am convinced that I am a great asset to the staff team because of my many experiences mentioned above.

I have experience in advertising servers. being a youtuber in the past I got to know some people who also had a pretty big channel between 1000-20000 subscribers. because of that I can contact certain youtubers to advertise mysticmc. Of course youtube isn't the only way to reach players that is mainly done through votings lists or mouth advertising of players themselves and many other strategies like social media and more.

i've also had experience as a builder at Jn. The level there is quite high so I can certainly look to create custom maps for new or current gamemodes. if you are interested I can always show you examples on discord. Also experience with buycraft a bit of configuration and maintaining a staff team.

So I have a lot of experience that I would definitely like to share with the staff team and therefore could be a great contribution to the staff team. The main motivation is that I simply want to spend some time to help an upcoming server and see it grow with expansions.

Additional Information:

I would have liked to have answered many more questions but it's a pity there are so few questions and especially no personal questions. I will give some more information about my properties and how I would act in any situation.

My name is Thomas and i'm from Belgium. I turned 19 quite recently. I've been playing Minecraft since 2012. Not always very active but good. Gaming is a kind of hobby for me what i do besides my studies. Next year I will switch to electromechanics in higher education. Next to gaming i play soccer now and then with a few friends which unfortunately has fallen away because of COVID.

I'm great at communicating with all kinds of people, staff or a regular player. If it's talking in a call or by typing I am able to make myself clearly understood when explaining a matter or conversing with there being little chance of misunderstanding due to English being my second language. If there is anything I may not understand or if I need clarification with a particular case I will ask others without hesitation.

One thing I have learnt from being a staff member on other servers is that you need to be flexible when staffing, I can freely move around across all game modes when one is not covered or my preferred game mode is already covered. Meetings and important situations usually occur at times when I am available however if I do have something scheduled at that time I can figure something out to make sure everything works out.

There will be times when a great number of staff members are on and staff members will be doubling up on any game mode, I am capable of working with others and achieving more while supporting them with any cases if required.


I like to keep things up to standard when staffing on the server, I keep arguments/disagreements away from the server as much as possible and direct all my attention to what I am doing to make sure everything goes accordingly. Swearing is completely forbidden for me when staffing and talking to players in a good manner is something I like to follow.

As a Helper or any staff rank, you gain access to commands which gives you power over other players to a certain extent. It is key that you are able to control the kind of power that you have and not abuse it. You are entrusted with this power to help the server to be better which I am capable of ensuring this happens.

Problem Solving
There will be cases when staffing where a player may say something offensive or may do something that is considered wrong and may not be part of the rules/staff doc with the punishments of MysticMC which are where you may need to provide a suitable solution to this matter. There are also times when players may be experiencing issues with their items and I have the ability to be able to solve many situations and keep things under control.

A situation can change from calm to the worst you can imagine on the server which could be an advertiser, multiple hackers and an individual spam botting all going off at the same time which can be stressful. In a situation like this, I would be able to cope under the stress and adapt to the situation and solve these issues under pressure.

While answering questions and doing certain actions on the server, I take a second to view what it would look like from a different perspective and point of view and ensure the message I am trying to portray is being received correctly.

Thank you for reading my application it would certainly be nice to help with mysticmc and to see it grow and build the community.


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Hello asbaktafel,

First off, wow. I am absolutely shocked. You put so much effort into this application and I am so thankful.

As for this application, it has absolutely everything I've ever wanted to see. You went into detail about everything and it's so well-worded. I would like to speak with you first, so I will be putting this application into pending. Thanks again!

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