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IGN (In Game Name): My IGN is Tlg2011

Age: My age is 21 years old.

Timezone: Mountain time.

Do you have a good quality mic?: I use Astro A10s so I hope its good quality.

Do you have Telegram and Discord?: Yes I have both Telegram and Discord (MicFlurryy#3808).

How many hours can you put in the server per week: Roughly 20 To call it safe.

Any previous punishments on MysticMC?: Haven't had any punishments.

Any past experiences in being a staff member?: I've Owned a server on McPro Hosting but then shut down due to funding issues and i've also been a Mod on one other server maybe a year or 2 ago.

Why do you want to become staff?: I want to be a difference maker and help the server grow to become bigger and have a friendly community to make a great faction experience to everyone to come.

Additional Information:
I guess I'll add a little about myself here, I'm 21 years old like I previously stated. My real name is Michael. I have a large want for keeping small new servers up and going being because I couldn't keep mine up I wouldn't want others to go down because of a lack of help and funding. My favourite sport is hockey (Go Flames Go!) I have an alright understanding of commands of Minecraft and feel as i could be a a help to players to answer questions and help their needs. I like to keep servers free of hackers If i could possibly be a help.

Thanks, Tlg2011


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Hello TLG2011,

First off, I want to thank you for applying on MysticMC. It makes me very happy knowing that you are willing to dedicate time into the server- so thank you!

As for your application:
- I absolutely LOVE the fact that you want to keep small new servers up and going because of your previous experience. I'm absolutely so thankful that you even mentioned that; because some servers do have a hard time with that stuff.
- I love that you gave me some information about yourself so I really get to see who you are.

Some things to work on:
- Lack of detail: I would've loved to see you go more into depth into your experience with McProHosting, as well as your Mod role on that other server. Giving me insight on those could've persuaded me a bit more into thinking I could've accepted your application.

Because of the lack of detail in this application, I am going to have to deny this application.

Don't give up though! In two weeks, you can
reapply with this feedback given, and we may accept you onto our team!

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